Fungi on the toes or commonly known as athlete’s foot or nails are formed by the presence of microorganisms that infect the cells, degrading the cells of the dead skin and feeding on the keratin of our feet, producing in some cases itching and irritation due to the presence of dermatophyte fungi.


Causes of foot fungus

For a fungus to grow on the feet, it is necessary to have conditions that allow the fungus to expand on the skin.

The fungi grow in humid and warm environments, so the choice of footwear can influence the appearance of this infection on the feet.

If you notice the presence of fungi after sharing stockings or shoes with a friend or family member, you will notice that you have infected the fungi by putting on footwear that is not yours.

Therefore avoid sharing personal clothing because fungus appears due to the humidity produced by the heat of the shoes when they are not breathable and open, so try to vary with open shoes when you are at home so that the foot refreshes.

If you keep your feet wet for long periods, you are likely to get foot fungus from the constant humidity it is subjected to.

Another cause of foot fungus is when you sweat a lot and if you have a minor injury to the nails and feet, this infection can also appear.

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Toenail fungus signs

• Thick nails

• Yellow toenail color

• Redness

• itching

• Inflammation

•Bad smell in the feet

Are fungi spread from person to person?

We generally think that it is a myth that fungi can be contagious and science indicates that this infection is easily spread from person to person when they share shoes, socks and when they walk barefoot in shelters, swimming pools or showers as they are exposed to fungi and germs found in the soil.

As the condition for this infection to develop are humid and warm environments, avoid walking barefoot if you are a swimmer or went to the pool for a weekend and you need to go to the club’s bathroom, which usually finds large pools of water accumulated on the ground.


How to prevent toenail fungus?

To prevent fungus from spreading on your feet and spreading to other people, follow these recommendations.

• Keep your toenails short

• Avoid walking barefoot in public spaces, so wear sandals or waterproof shoes

• Wash your feet well at least once a day

• Dry your feet very well, especially between the toes with a towel

• If a family member has this infection, wash the shower constantly or wear waterproof shoes so that it does not come in contact with the infected surface.

• Avoid sharing personal belongings like shoes, socks, and towels

• Change shoes daily to dry

• Do not repeat socks if they are dirty

• Wear cotton socks

• Do not wear tight shoes when your feet are wet

• Wear sandals or open shoes when you are at home to dry your feet after using closed shoes in the work routine.


Can vinegar be the solution to eliminate toenail fungus?

Vinegar comes from the fermentation of alcohol and is made up of acetic acid with a concentration that varies from 4% to 7%, tartaric acid and citric acid.

Acetic acid has antimicrobial properties so you can combat odor, warts, and fungus on the feet by using the necessary proportions diluted in water.

As it is a fungal infection, vinegar has antifungal properties in which you can dilute with water and soak your feet to combat this infection.


When should we stop using vinegar?

If you have skin irritation and inflammation, it is best to stop using it, as well as if you have foot wounds; therefore, go to a doctor or podiatrist who prescribes the appropriate treatment to treat the case.


Ways to Eliminate Toenail Fungus with Vinegar


  1. The first way to flush out the toe fungus with vinegar is to soak your feet in a large container with a liter of warm water mixed with a cup of white vinegar for 20 minutes for a week, if the fungus on the foot persists continue applying this procedure for another week.
  2. Mix half a cup of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar and apply three times a day to the infected area, remember to let it dry naturally.
  3. An effective mix that would never cross your mind is to mix the air conditioning eliminating water with a cup of white vinegar; you proceed to mix 1 liter of the air conditioning water with a cup of vinegar and soak the feet for 20 minutes daily.
  4. Mix a liter of water with a cup of apple cider vinegar and soak your feet for 15 minutes twice a day, in the morning and before bed.
  5. Apply apple cider vinegar three times a day to the affected area if it is small and rub it for 10 minutes.
  6. In a container add 3 cups of 5% apple cider vinegar and if it is not enough add a liter of water to complement it, soak your feet for 30 minutes after washing your feet with soap and water. At the end of the time, dry your feet very well, especially between the toes.
  7. Mix 4 tablespoons of honey with a cup of apple cider vinegar and rub the mixture on the affected area for 20 minutes. Then wash with soap and water and dry your feet well.

We recommend that after applying some of the ways to eliminate the fungus with vinegar proceed to massage with a moisturizing cream to minimize the damage related to vinegar acid that can be strong on the skin.

You can apply colloidal silver to the affected area as it acts as an antibacterial and antifungal agent, allowing it to dry on its own.

Remember that you should check the presence of open wounds so that you do not apply vinegar in those areas since it can produce a sharp sensation in them and if you have been applying the mixtures in the nail fungus and 2 or 3 weeks you do not see an improvement that must consult an expert to end the infection with antifungal treatments.


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