While the commonly used Vicks VapoRub has a lot of uses for cough and congestion relief, you won’t see any instructions for it to use for removal or toenail fungus.

This is because the product wasn’t originally intended for this purpose.

However, in the April of 2003 Phytotherapy Research found an issue that stated that ingredient composition in Vicks – menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil, upon using together remain efficient in controlling the toenail fungus.

When you’re willing to try the Vicks as treatment in toenail fungus removal, make sure that the process might take 3 to 6 months to work on nail fungus before the fungus gets eradicated completely. When anytime while treating if fungus appears worse, you can visit the physician.

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How to Remove the fungus from Toenail

The toenail which is present with nail fungus gets trimmed. After immediately trimming, you can cleanse nail clippers through soapy hot water, then this can be rinsed through rubbing alcohol.

Now wash the foot, while paying attention to nail. Now thoroughly dry this with towel.

Scoop Vicks through container with spoon. Also be sure to use spoon as you don’t wish to apply Vicks to affected toenail and sticking the finger back in Vicks. Also, the Vicks is used in spoon for applying on toenail.

Rub Vicks thoroughly and also cover toe with sock or bandage. This helps in absorption of Vicks, instead of rubbing on furnishings or sheet.

The process must be repeated two times in a day, once in morning and in evening. Remain patient as the results would be noticeable after a minimum of five months.

After this time period you’ll see improvement and can further continue to see good looking toes without any fungus accumulation.

Time for Toenail Fungus Removal with Vicks

Several studies have been conducted in this regard and one clinical trial also found out the appropriate time period for results to show.

The first trial was done through Vicks VapoRub applied on the mycotic nails which was pilot study through a study that was done through family medicine group.

The 48-week study was completed through eighteen people with nail issues. Also, the study had a few positive aspects but it didn’t follow protocols through researchers for many topical antifungal studies.

The study didn’t enroll patients with dermatophyte cultures such as T. mentagrophytes or T. rubrum, and it didn’t limit affected nail percent to about 50 or 60%.

However, the authors had patients with cultured organisms such as: “fungal elements,” Candida, Fusarium, Penicillium and Cryptococcus and it allowed people with more than 100% of nail that got visually affected. Of up to 18 patients, nine showed cultures of either the T. mentagrophytes or T. rubrum.

The authors also found that about five or 18 patients (27.8%) also had clinical or mycological cure, with 10 (55.6%) having “partial clearance.”

Upon further dissection. While looking at nine people with cultures for common dermatophytes leading to onychomycosis, people with T. rubrum faced worst.

The five patients with part clearance (at times with 10% change that appeared clear in 48th week) and a participant didn’t show any change.

While toenails infected with T. mentagrophytes had best outcomes compared with all the three patients, but authors didn’t define complete cure with 0 percent surface areas was affected.

Such patients still showed 5 percent nail or more that was visually changed at 48 weeks.

While the study is a great beginning in support of use of mentholated ointment to cure mycotic nails, the study involved nail thickness, cultured organisms, nail thickness with product usage – that some patients had daily treatment process while others only used three to five times in a week.

With time we’ll find out whether the ointment would be able to completely eliminate fungus, or whether it just forms a hydrated nail providing appearance of healthy nails.

How Long Does it Take for Vicks to Work and How to apply

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