Toe nail fungus is more common than most people know. Its scientific name is onychomycosis. In fact, research shows that mild cases of toe nail fungus are very common but are hardly reported because the symptoms disappear without individuals noticing.

However, it is advisable to seek medical advice despite the condition not having debilitating effects on an individual. For this reason, people should be on the lookout for its signs and symptoms.

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The primary manifestation of toe nail fungus is through signs which include discoloration of the affected toe. For most people, the toe turns grayish- black and as the condition grows the area turns yellow, which is an indication of the formation of puss.

The formation of puss should be a great cause for concern because it indicates the presence of an abscess. While the mortality rate of toenail fungus is not a reason to worry, the presence of fungi in your body should.

Recent research shows that a lot of deaths in the world are currently caused by fungi in the body.

Dermatophytids is another manifestation of toenail fungus. This condition is simply an allergic reaction to the fungi on the toe nail. It does not necessarily occur at the site of the fungal infection rather occurs at different parts of the body.

The allergic reaction could cause extreme discomfort and is also a critical indication on the need to treat the toenail fungus.

Toenail fungus does not necessarily present any symptoms unless it is at an advanced and severe stage. In such occasions, an individual is most likely affected on more than one toenails.

Symptoms include; general weakness which could impede your ability to walk, and nausea which is caused by the spread of the fungus that affects bodily functions.

Further one could experience extreme psychological issues stemming from the fact that toenail fungus interferes with their appearance. Psychological disturbance is thus a critical symptom to look out for since it could lead to the development of mental health issues.

Pain that causes discomfort is a common symptom of toe nail fungus. The pain stems from the skin lesions that peel off from the fungal infection at the site. Discomfort is primarily felt when an individual is trying to walk.

Insomnia is also another significant toenail fungus symptom. It happens because the affected toe is sometimes itchy and one can be fixated on the pain and itchiness hence losing sleep.

These symptoms are the reason why it is advisable to have excellent nail- care routines that will catch such conditions early.

Furthermore, the cost of oral anti-fungal medication is high, hence it is crucial to treat toenail infections before they advance and start presenting the above discussed toenail fungus symptoms.

Basically, toenail fungus is treated by various ointments that are applied on the affected toenails. Oral medication or another other medical interventions such as injection are only an option if the infection has been left untreated for long.

Individuals at high risk such as older adults are advised to keep an eye on toenail fungus because its effects can be debilitating.

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