What is ZetaClear? ZetaClear is a nail fungus treatment which is essential in humid climates where nail fungus prevails. ZetaClear is an effective product in killing the bacteria that cause nail fungus.

zetaClear reviews

How does ZetaClear work?

It contains ingredients Antimonium Crudum 200c and treats discolouration with Arsenicum Album 200c and the Sulphur contains antiseptic properties.

It is an approved drug which works by inhibiting and preventing the growth of the fungus.

It is a clear liquid which is convenient to apply and dries very quickly, it is applied with a brush directly to the site.

Fungus relies on a moist environment to thrive, and the clear liquid gets into the hard to reach areas.

If you go the Doctor with nail fungus the Doctor will probably recommend that you use Zetaclear as they know that it works and that you won’t have to keep applying for too long.

It is also odourless and relatively inexpensive to buy. Some of the other products available are actually four times the price and take a full year to work, and no one wants to wait that long. 

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What are the other ingredients of ZetaClear

It contains sulphur, tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, undecylenic acid, vitamin E oil and lemon oil.

This is very interesting as all these ingredients are natural and totally safe to use.

Tea tree oil is a very old ingredient first discovered by Australian Aboriginals it does contain antiseptic properties and it must be the combination of the ingredients contained in Zetaclear that causes a quick cure.

Zetaclear also comes in a spray which is very popular with the bike riders as when they are competing they need something that they can apply quickly.

Every two days get rid of the softened keratin debris and file the surface of the nail using an emery board, and around nails once or twice a week.


Why is ZetaClear better than other products?

Nail fungus is ugly and people want it gone quickly, most products are quite slow in achieving this outcome.

The fact that Zetaclear is a rapid cure is one of its main advantages, it is also very easy to apply and the spray bottle is easy to take the Gym and other activities.

The fact that it is 100% natural make it very appealing when it is compared to other products available.

ZetaClear has been extremely popular ever since 2013, and once people try it they will never go back to other products because it is so effective.


How to use ZetaClear

The spray bottle is very easy to use and Zetaclear is only available online. Once you have sprayed it on allow about 30 seconds to dry and then you are ready to put shoes back on.

If using Zetaclear topical solution the manufacturer recommends that three brush strokes be applied three times a day to the toe/toenails.

Do not get the solution near the eyes, this is just common sense given with most topical products.


Side Effects

There is no irritation caused by ZetaClear, as mentioned earlier all the ingredients are natural and quite soothing. Being a natural solution it has no known side effects.

When fungus effects the nail it is known as onychomycosis and is also called athlete’s foot or tinea.

Not treating it is bad for the health of the sufferer so it should be treated immediately with ZetaClear which is quite safe. Once the fungus has gone the nails will look healthy and clean again.

There is also an Oral Spray which is not suitable for children and should not be used on people with liver disease.



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More Information About Nail Fungus

What is Nail Fungus?

A nail fungus occurs when bacteria breed and increase around the nail area and this causes deterioration of the toenail and spreads to the surrounding skin.

Application of Zetaclear is able to cure the fungus quite quickly, often within one month of beginning treatment.

This is something that has not happened with other products and they are often still being applied six months later.


When is Nail Fungus likely to occur?

Nail fungus is much more common in Summer when the weather is hot and often humid. Because we are outdoors and exercising frequently fungus starts to develop in the enclosed space around the nails.

The other way it occurs mostly in women, is when attending a nail bar where the instruments have not been properly cleaned and sterilized, causing an outbreak of fungus.

Because you can’t observe the cleaning methods used in nail bars, it is better to carry a Zetaclear spray with you and spray your nails following the treatment for preventative reasons.

It works under the skin to promote healthy nails. The homeopathic spray delivers ingredients to fight the nail fungus at its source.

The Foot Area

Feet are complicated structures with three sections. The forefoot containing the toes is biologically likely to attract fungus, because the toes are close together and tend to be nearly always encased in socks/ stockings and shoes.

It is a good idea to walk around at home in bare feet or thongs to allow the feet to breath. Fungus commonly occurs around the nail area and when it does it needs to be treated.


General Foot Care to prevent Fungus

Keep your feet clean, and toenails trimmed. Change socks and shoes often. Make sure shoes are light and well ventilated. Never share shoes. Keep feet dry use foot powder Spray on Zetaclear to prevent fungus from forming.

Risk of infection spreading can occur in swimming pool areas and change rooms. Take some thongs/sandals to wear in public locker rooms. If you have foot problems consult a medical expert.



If you follow the directions given and keep working on the nail fungus it should be completely cured within one month.

Always keep the Zetaclear handy as nail fungus tends to return when the warm, humid conditions return in summer.

This is when we want our nails to look their lustrous glowing best for outdoor activities.

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